Key overall developments for employers concerned about their employment liability exposure include:

  • New categories of individuals acquiring workplace rights
  • Increase in the number of laws prohibiting discrimination encompassing new categories
  • Updating of existing unlawful discrimination legislation providing more causes of action for claimants. The laws bring with them a range of new or freshly defined causes of action adding indirect discrimination, victimisation and harassment to the already familiar concept of direct discrimination
  • Creation of greater exposure from existing laws through the interpretation of courts and tribunals


Chubb Elite Employment Practices Liability insurance can protect companies against the financial impact of a claim providing cover for:

  • Damages (including injury to feelings), judgments, settlements, defence costs and awards or claimant’s costs as well as pre- or post- judgment interest
  • Legal representation costs for employment investigations. This cover also adds an additional defined limit of liability dedicated to such costs
  • Cost of paying wages from date of purported dismissal to date of judgment in the event that the company is ordered to re-instate or re-engage worker
  • Punitive and exemplary damages where insurable by law
  • Acts committed prior to inception of the policy
  • Acts worldwide (except USA which can be added by endorsement)