Insured Details – Give full details of the following:

  • Full names of the individuals involved in the claim and their official position within the company.
  • Name of the company for which any individual(s) involved served as employees and details about how any Company involved fits into the policyholder’s corporate structure, including confirmation of the percentage of ownership and control if it is not a wholly owned entity.
  • The alleged Employment Related Wrongful Act(s) and the date(s) they were committed. Were the wrongful acts committed while such company is or was a subsidiary of the policyholder?
  • Policy number and policy year.
  • Details of any other insurance that may be applicable.

The Claim – Give full details of the following:

  • Description of the claim and analysis from the insured’s perspective, including a brief summary of the background leading up to the claim.
  • Has an application been made to the Employment Tribunal? If so, provide a copy of the ET1 Form and advise whether the claim has been responded to within the deadline provided and in the appropriate form, using form ET3. Please also provide copies of any relevant correspondence, such as a complaint or letter before action.
  • If known, what is the amount of the claim? Please comment on the various loss components where possible.
  • Are you considering appointing solicitors? If so, please provide details of the law firm you are considering and whom they will represent, their proposed billing rates and a preliminary budget for the early stages of their retention.


  • Please keep Chubb closely informed at all times. Chubb prefer to work as a team with yourselves, your broker and appointed solicitors.
  • Please be aware it is a policy requirement that you do not admit liability, enter into a settlement or incur costs without Chubb’s prior consent.
  • Be aware of which documents are privileged and of how to preserve that status, and of which documents could be disclosable in the event of litigation.
  • To allow for swift review of any notified claim and subsequent correspondence Chubb ask that you provide notification through your broker to Chubb’s central address; Alternatively, by post to Chubb European Group, 200 Broomielaw, Glasgow, G1 4RU.