Dealing with the investigator direct

As soon as you receive notification of an investigation, we will contact the investigator on your behalf which will mean that all correspondence will come to us and we will be able to discuss details of the investigation and agree how the process will proceed.

Dealing with the investigation

The first step in any investigation is to make sure you are aware of the steps being undertaken by the investigator as far as possible and to ensure you are seen to co-operate fully where appropriate. How this will be achieved will depend very much on who the investigator is (e.g. police, HSE, Trading Standards etc) and what the investigation relates to. Our team will make sure that you are in the best possible position from the outset.

Identifying witnesses and preparing the case

We will make sure that any relevant witnesses are identified at an early stage so that we can maximise the available time to work with them in connection with the preparation of their witness evidence and, if necessary, to prepare them for any appearance in court (whether Magistrates Court or Crown Court). We know that cases can be time-consuming when all witnesses have other responsibilities elsewhere doing their day job. We will keep the inconvenience to a minimum and make sure that witnesses are contacted when their time can be effectively used.

We will also work with you to identify the relevant documents for disclosure and for your defence.

Dealing with cautioned interviews

We know that cautioned interviews can be daunting but they can be vital to defending your position pro-actively. We will make sure you are fully prepared and supported in any cautioned interview in order to stand the best chance of preventing the investigation proceeding to a prosecution.

Representation in any prosecution

If you are prosecuted, we will make sure that you are legally represented at the hearing and that your experienced representative is fully prepared and briefed to represent you. This will include making sure your witnesses are comfortable with their part in any proceedings.

We will ensure that any case is fully argued at the relevant stages (including at the trial or any sentencing hearing) and that where necessary the prosecution and any witnesses are put to strict proof and thoroughly cross-examined.

After the hearing

If any matters need attending to following the hearing, our service will continue until the proceedings are fully concluded. Whilst we do not expect this to be needed very often, our service includes dealing with any matters or further hearings in relation to sentencing and, if appropriate, consideration of an appeal.

If you would like Gateley Plc to provide your legal representation, please inform your broker when you notify them of the claim under your Chubb policy.